Kurt Angle Labels Ex-WWE Partner as Lazy, Criticizes Lack of Improvement


Kurt Angle Labels Ex-WWE Partner as Lazy, Criticizes Lack of Improvement
Kurt Angle Labels Ex-WWE Partner as Lazy, Criticizes Lack of Improvement

Legendary pro wrestling figure Kurt Angle recently divulged on his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, why his one-time tag team partner, Luther Reigns, didn't reach the pinnacle of success in WWE. He stated that despite Reigns' formidable physique and impressive mic skills, his lackadaisical approach toward honing his in-ring skills prevented him from climbing the WWE hierarchy.

Their real name is Matthew Wiese; Reigns had a short stint with WWE from 2004 to 2005. His imposing appearance made him a promising prospect, potentially the next big name in WWE. However, after reported disagreements with Paul Heyman, Reigns requested his release, never to return to the wrestling ring since 2006.

Despite his promising start, Reigns' alliance with Kurt Angle did not meet expectations. WWE had banked on the partnership yielding dividends, but the duo's short-lived collaboration failed to achieve the desired results.

Kurt Angle Discusses Reigns' Shortcomings

On his podcast, Angle candidly spoke about Reigns' shortcomings.

Despite his impressive looks and mic skills, Reigns' in-ring performance needed improvement, an area he could have addressed. Angle emphasized that Reigns did not partake in the practice sessions led by Fit Finlay, reflecting an unwelcome lethargy for someone striving for success in the WWE universe.

"The problem was, I think, he never really practiced. During the shows, they would have practice sessions earlier in the day, and Fit Finlay would lead the charge. Luther never attended. I think that's where he needed to be every day.

He didn't do it. He had time to get better. He had ways of getting better but chose not to for some reason. He just needed more work. He would have done it. He could have been huge. He was lazy." Angle said. In a previous podcast, Angle shared that Luther Reigns had impressed WWE owner Vince McMahon.

Reigns' achievement was no mean feat, considering impressing the boss was on every WWE Superstar's wishlist. Authorities faced wrestling giants like The Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, Big Show, and John Cena during his time with WWE, indicating his potential to rise.

However, despite McMahon's initial enthusiasm for him, Reigns couldn't live up to WWE's expectations. Angle recalls, "I know Vince loved him at the beginning. He loved him. [Vince] was crazy about him and had big plans for him; that's why they put him with me."

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