Raquel Rodriguez New WWE Tag Team Partner Unveiled on Raw


Raquel Rodriguez New WWE Tag Team Partner Unveiled on Raw
Raquel Rodriguez New WWE Tag Team Partner Unveiled on Raw

"Monday Night Raw" on May 29 is primed to be a night of intense competition and partnership realignment in the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. Raquel Rodriguez, formerly partnered with Liv Morgan, will fight to regain the championship she never truly lost.

However, this time, the formidable Shotzi replaces Morgan as her partner. Rodriguez asserted her readiness for this challenge when she claimed victory over Sonya Deville. However, a post-match assault by Deville and her ally, Chelsea Green, jeopardized Rodriguez's momentum.

Shotzi appeared in the nick of time in an unexpected twist, driving off Deville and Green. This moment she solidified their alliance, transforming the would-be rivals into partners.

Raquel Rodriguez, Shotzi Face Tag-Team Gauntlet

The journey ahead for Rodriguez and Shotzi is full of significant obstacles.

Their first test together will occur the Monday after Night of Champions, where they will partake in a high-stakes Fatal Four-Way Tag Team match. They face formidable opponents such as Deville and Green, Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler, and the Damage CTRL duo, Bayley and IYO SKY.

Rousey and Baszler recently returned to the WWE landscape, marking their comeback by challenging Rodriguez and declaring their intent to vie for the Women's Tag Team Championship. This dynamic and the other formidable tag teams will undoubtedly make this match one to remember.

The recent history of the women's tag team division has been marked with trials. Liv Morgan, Rodriguez's former partner, sustained an injury during a bout on the May 12 "SmackDown" episode. This unfortunate incident compelled Morgan and Rodriguez to surrender their titles.

Compounding the misfortune, Dakota Kai, another competitor in the exact match, tore her ACL and is now scheduled for surgery. Despite these setbacks, a win for the newly-minted Rodriguez-Shotzi duo on May 29 would establish Rodriguez's versatile prowess.

If victorious, this would be the third time Rodriguez has clinched the tag team gold with a different partner since her induction into the main roster. She first achieved this feat with Aliyah against Kai and SKY last August.

Subsequently, she won the championship again, with Morgan, against formidable opponents Becky Lynch and WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. This potentially historic win could further cement Rodriguez's status as a tag team specialist in the WWE Women's Division.

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