Adam Cole on Near-Career Ending Concussion: 'Braced for Life Beyond Wrestling


Adam Cole on Near-Career Ending Concussion: 'Braced for Life Beyond Wrestling

In a poignant interview on the Swerve City podcast, former professional wrestling champion Adam Cole disclosed his journey from suffering a career-threatening concussion during his match at the AEW & NJPW Forbidden Door event last June to his comeback nine months later.

The severity of his injury forced him to contemplate a future without his wrestling career, a prospect that Cole found profoundly challenging. Cole's candid recollection of this period is evocative. "I was mentally preparing to have to start a new life without wrestling," he shared, making clear that his predicament was not a casual talking point but an intimate glimpse into the heart of a dedicated athlete grappling with an uncertain future.

When pressed about potential alternatives should his wrestling career prematurely end, Cole divulged his inclination towards starting a wrestling school, suggesting a commitment to giving back to the sport that defined his career.

He also envisioned streaming on Twitch, a platform known for its gaming community, reflecting his interest beyond wrestling.

Cole's Emotional Wrestling Comeback

The pro wrestler's ultimate return to the ring was laced with emotion.

To Cole, being medically cleared and reclaiming his wrestling journey was a transformative experience. His match against Daniel Garcia, marked by the enthusiasm of fans and the shower of confetti, stands out as the most cherished moment of his career to date—a testament to his resilience and the profundity of his passion for wrestling.

His recent experiences have had a profound impact on his perspective on wrestling. Cole described waking up each day with a renewed appreciation for his job and feeling gratitude for being able to perform week to week. "I never lost appreciation for wrestling," Cole expressed, "but now, after going through what I went through, I show up at TV every week, and I'm like, 'I have the best job in the world.

This is incredible.' " The former champion is now more focused than ever, aiming to rise through the ranks of AEW, perhaps even aspiring for the world champion title. Despite the hardship he endured, Cole's passion for wrestling endures, and he is a beacon of hope and dedication in the professional wrestling world.

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