WWE Raw: Veer Mahaan Undergoes Name Revision


WWE Raw: Veer Mahaan Undergoes Name Revision

In the dynamic world of WWE, name changes often indicate pivotal transitions for its wrestling superstars. During last night's episode of "WWE Raw," an engaging vignette caught everyone's attention, signaling the much-anticipated return of the wrestling faction Indus Sher.

Interestingly, this return brought with it the full restoration of Veer Mahaan's name, signifying a promising new phase for this talented superstar's WWE journey.

Veer Mahaan WWE Name Evolution

Mahaan has had a noteworthy journey with his wrestling moniker since signing with WWE.

Initially wrestling under his real name, Rinku Singh, the company decided to truncate it to Rinku. This was later altered to Veer, and subsequently enhanced with the addition of Mahaan in 2021. Though the WWE briefly dropped his last name, it appears to have been reinstated, signaling a promising new phase for Mahaan's wrestling journey.

His odyssey in WWE began in 2018 when he was signed to the NXT brand. His time in NXT was marked by an impactful partnership with Sanga, a bond that would evolve significantly over the years. Mahaan's ascension to the main roster in 2021 was heralded by a succession of engaging vignettes.

This new chapter in his career saw him align with Jinder Mahal and Shanky. After a period of individual competition, Mahaan returned to his roots in NXT, rekindling his alliance with Sanga and incorporating Mahal into their crew, thereby reforming Indus Sher.

Presently, the Indus Sher faction has moved to the Raw brand, appearing as a cohesive unit. Mahaan and Sanga appear poised to make a significant impact in Raw's tag division, having already clinched a victory in the May 15 episode.

The reversion to Mahaan's original name is a trend that's been evident in the WWE in recent times. Notably, Doudrop reclaimed her previous alias, Piper Niven, earlier this year. Similarly, Austin Theory and Matt Riddle both reacquired their last names in 2022, reflecting a larger pattern within the WWE's narrative strategy.

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