WWE NXT Myles Borne Ties the Knot


WWE NXT Myles Borne Ties the Knot

Professional wrestling has often been praised for its capacity to showcase the diversity of human resilience and determination. One shining example of this in the contemporary wrestling landscape is WWE NXT star, Myles Borne.

Not only is Borne carving a promising career trajectory within WWE, but he is also celebrating monumental milestones in his personal life. Recently, the up-and-coming NXT talent announced some heartwarming news. On his Instagram account, Borne delighted fans with the revelation that he had married his best friend.

Accompanying the joyous announcement, he posted: "Married my best friend and got her a puppy..," Borne said. "To US!"

This joyous update is anticipated to be the first of many positive news snippets about this quickly ascending wrestling star.

Borne's journey in professional wrestling has been quite distinctive. Despite having been signed to WWE just a year ago, he has made a significant impact with his captivating appearances on "NXT" and "NXT: Level Up."

Myles Borne Inspiring Journey Amid Challenges

Borne's story resonates even deeper, given the personal challenges he has faced.

He continues to wrestle despite being diagnosed with Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn, a condition that resulted in early-onset deafness. His brave disclosure of his condition during a promo on "NXT: Level Up" has added another layer to his compelling narrative, making him an inspiration for many.

In wrestling the battles of life, both inside and outside the ring, Borne represents the essence of what it truly means to be a fighter. With his recent nuptials and burgeoning wrestling career, it's indeed a golden time for Myles Borne, who stands as the first deaf pro wrestler to compete full-time in the WWE.

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