Updates on Absent WWE Stars' Statuses: Behind-the-Scenes Insight


Updates on Absent WWE Stars' Statuses: Behind-the-Scenes Insight

The professional wrestling world has recently been abuzz regarding the conspicuous absence of two prominent WWE stars, Angel and Humberto of Los Lotharios. Despite the bifurcation of the roster to enhance visibility and screen time for every performer, managing such an extensive lineup of talent remains a formidable task for WWE, a challenge mirrored by AEW, its rival promotion.

Los Lotharios have been notably underrepresented on television broadcasts this year, with only three televised matches under their belt. Their last tag team bout was in January, and their most recent appearance was a participation in a battle royale, which aimed to identify a new contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

Renowned wrestling analyst Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio has shed light on the situation. According to Meltzer, there's no implication that the duo has been implicated in any controversy or wrongdoing. Instead, they have merely slipped down the priority list in WWE's internal pecking order.

Meltzer on Los Lotharios' Status

Meltzer says, "They're low on the pecking order, and I think that's pretty much it. They're present, but the company seems hesitant to invest screen time in them, which is unfortunate considering their talent.

WWE boasts an array of talented performers, and not all can inevitably be utilized to their full potential." The issue extends beyond WWE; AEW, too, has been challenged with similarly managing its array of gifted performers.

Meltzer notes, "There are talented guys in AEW that don't get as much exposure. There's an overabundance of talent across rosters but limited spots for promotion. Hence, it's inevitable that some wrestlers may not receive the spotlight they deserve." Meltzer suggests a possible solution, "They could transfer them to NXT, which might not be the worst idea.

But currently, like many others, they're somewhat in limbo, similar to Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, and others who are part of the roster but aren't featured prominently." Ultimately, while WWE and AEW face similar challenges due to their expansive rosters, it's hoped that Los Lotharios and other talented individuals will only remain in the shadows for a short time.

As the professional wrestling landscape evolves, there's optimism that these underused talents will soon find their spotlight.