Matthew Rehwoldt Teases In-Ring Return as Free Agent


Matthew Rehwoldt Teases In-Ring Return as Free Agent

Matthew Rehwoldt, the former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion, finds himself in the driver's seat of his career, embracing the freedom to explore various opportunities. In a recent appearance on "Developmentally Speaking," Rehwoldt expressed his desire to seize the moment and venture beyond the confines of a single promotion.

"I'm trying to do a little bit of everything," Rehwoldt shared during the interview. "I'm trying to take advantage of this moment." Much of his time is dedicated to providing commentary for Impact Wrestling, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and independent promotions such as Wrestling Revolver.

With no exclusive affiliation, Rehwoldt proudly declares himself a "freewheelin', free dealin' free agent," relishing the chance to expand his horizons and pursue other passions outside of wrestling.

Rehwoldt Explores Whiskey and E-Sports Ventures

One of these ventures includes his "Instagram side-gimmick" titled "Wrestling With Whiskey," where Rehwoldt combines two interests.

Additionally, he revealed an unexpected love for e-sports, having delved into competitive gaming during the pandemic. The 34-year-old acknowledges that his late entry into the e-sports world may be unconventional but expresses genuine affection for it.

He even hosted a prominent e-sports event in Texas for the Houston Outlaws Overwatch league team. Rehwoldt playfully refers to himself as a "giga-boomer" in the e-sports realm, understanding that it may not become a long-term career path.

Despite his current absence from the ring, the wrestling industry's unpredictable nature keeps him open to the possibility of a return.
"I have a feeling that even if I find some gig that takes me completely away from wrestling, I turn the table on that one, I feel like I would still seek out [one more match]," Rehwoldt confessed.

While he does not intend to make a grand spectacle of his potential retirement, he envisions reaching out to his favorite independent wrestling colleagues and proposing having "one or two more" matches. Should he decide to step back into the squared circle, Rehwoldt acknowledges the need for a revamped training regimen to ensure he is in optimal shape for his farewell bouts.

As Matthew Rehwoldt embraces the freedom of being a free agent, his journey takes him on diverse paths, from commentary duties across multiple promotions to exploring his passion for whiskey and e-sports. While the wrestling world awaits his next move, the possibility of witnessing him lace up his boots for one showdown looms intriguingly, reminding us that in professional wrestling, one can say "never.