Alicia Fox: Ready for Wrestling Comeback


Alicia Fox: Ready for Wrestling Comeback

Previous WWE star Alicia Fox isn't prepared to express farewell to the wrestling business. In a new meeting with MuscleManMalcolm, the one-time Divas Champion uncovered her arrangements now that she is not generally partnered with "the machine." Communicating her disappointment about different things, Fox reported that she means to prepare with Booker T to shake off any ring rust.

Fox shared her fervor about returning to the ring, saying, "This I will do; I'm all set to knock some ring dust off with Booker (T). No doubt, and afterward, go work a program." She explained that despite information exchanged by "the machine," she never professed to finish with wrestle.

Fox communicated her disappointment with being named accordingly, saying she didn't put her face on any graduated class rundown or offer authority expressions about retirement. She solidly expressed, "I never said that; I never said that.

My sacks are as yet pressed; I'm pissed about it." The previous WWE star then framed her arrangement, including visiting her old buddies Trinity (known as Naomi) and Mercedes (known as Sasha Banks). She likewise indicated the "taboo entryway," a term frequently used to portray inter-promotional joint efforts.

Fox's arrangement includes thumping on Trinity and Sasha's entryways, recommending that there may be open doors past WWE. She addressed if that entryway would be the alleged prohibited entryway, demonstrating her ability to investigate other wrestling advancements.

Alicia Fox's Comeback Journey

Alicia Fox's re-visitation of the ring has collected energy, particularly among AEW star Saraya, who, as of late, lauded Fox as one of the most misjudged ladies' grapplers of this time. With her assurance and the help of her companions, Fox is ready to get back in the saddle and demonstrate her value in the wrestling business.

Alicia Fox shared her arrangements for the future, communicating her excitement to get back to the ring and train with Booker T. She exposed the idea that she is finished with wrestling and alluded to the chance of investigating unique open doors past WWE.

Fans can expect to see Fox back in real life and enthusiastically anticipate what lies ahead for her in the wrestling scene.

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