Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Backstage News

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Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Backstage News

Luke Gallows are Kale Anderson are part of WWE RAW as announced on this week’s episode of RAW. They were previously Smackdown superstars but have been moved as part of the on-going 2019 Superstar Shakeup move. Their first match was with the Usos.

They lost that match! PWInsider reported that that WWE had taken the decision to make this moves weeks ago. The officials didn’t announce the move or make it official until now. It was supposed to happen on the very first night of the 2019 Superstar Shakeup.

The contracts of Anderson and Gallows have not been renewed or modified according to the report. They are still on the same contract as before. The contract will expire in September this year. They are scheduled to finish their time with the WWE up to that month.

So we probably won’t see the superstars perform after September. A few mid-March reports suggest that Gallows and Anderson could not reach an agreement with the WWE regarding their contracts. That is the reason why the two superstars were not at any of the WWE Live events.

The WWE didn’t want to let the superstars perform until they know for certain that they wish to stay with the company. The superstars have reportedly not accepted a multi-million dollar deal as they are not happy with the way the WWE is using them.