Sabian Praises Miro Collaboration: 'A Truly Enjoyable Experience


Sabian Praises Miro Collaboration: 'A Truly Enjoyable Experience

In a recent conversation on the Sappenin Podcast, AEW superstar Kip Sabian opened up about his professional collaboration with Miro, the wrestling icon known as The Redeemer. Sabian spoke highly of his experience working with Miro, praising his kindness and openness to fresh ideas.

However, he expressed some reservations about the character he portrayed during this period. Reflecting on their team-up, Sabian warmly noted, "Miro is arguably one of the most genuine human beings I've had the pleasure of knowing.

Our partnership was thoroughly enjoyable due to his willingness to explore and embrace our shared creative vision." Despite these positive memories, Sabian grappled with a sense of disconnect from his on-screen persona during their stint together.

The storyline between Sabian, Miro, and Sabian's real-life wife, Penelope Ford, was filled with humor and high-octane action. But Sabian admitted, "While I did find joy in the narrative we built, the character I embodied wasn't truly representative of me.

It lacked a certain essence that I felt connected to."

Sabian's Gaming Persona: Reflections

Sabian is known to be an ardent gaming enthusiast, an aspect that was woven into his storyline with Miro. Although appreciative of this creative inclusion, Sabian remarked, "The incorporation of video games into the narrative was a nod to my interest, but looking back, it didn't reflect my true identity.

There are elements I would rework if given the chance."
During this period, Sabian was also privately battling health issues. He revealed that he was dealing with prediabetes, partly caused by his unhealthy consumption of sugary American sodas.

Moreover, he had sustained a labrum tear, a severe injury that exacerbated over time. Sabian bravely kept his deteriorating health under wraps, eager to persevere for the sake of their storyline. "Despite the pain and the predicament, I held it close to my chest.

I was held together by tape throughout that time," Sabian confessed. His journey away from the spotlight allowed Sabian to reassess his wrestling career from a creative standpoint. During this reflective period, they empowered him to contemplate what he could contribute to wrestling, inspiring him to seek a more authentic persona.