Rosser Eyes Punk, Jericho Duel for Forbidden Door 2 Bout


Rosser Eyes Punk, Jericho Duel for Forbidden Door 2 Bout

In an intriguing revelation on The Wrestling Podcast, former NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion Fred Rosser, known as "Mr. No Days Off," has expressed his interest in squaring off against wrestling stalwarts Chris Jericho and CM Punk.

He stated this while discussing his prospective opponents for the highly anticipated Forbidden Door 2 event. When prodded about who he'd want to face from the opposite camp, Rosser, a prominent figure in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, intriguingly mentioned both Jericho and Punk's names.

He stressed that a match-up against Punk would symbolize a 'full-circle moment,' considering their shared history on the original NXT. Reminiscing about their time on NXT, Rosser admitted, "Who would I want to wrestle? I'd want to wrestle Chris Jericho and CM Punk.

It would be a full circle with CM Punk. He was my coach on the original NXT, which was like a game show, which I hated. He pretty much hated doing it too. We didn't say two words to one another during the time." Given that Rosser and Punk didn't enjoy their stint on NXT, a future showdown could undoubtedly be an opportunity for them to rewrite history.

Rosser's Growth and Ambitious Challenge

The veteran wrestler confidently expressed that he has improved and matured in the ring since his initial NXT days. He likened himself to fine wine, getting better with age. Rosser believes that going toe-to-toe with either Jericho or Punk would elevate his wrestling prowess to a new height.

Asserting his readiness, he remarked, "Full circle, I'm a lot older and wiser. I'm like wine; I age gracefully with time. Working against either of them, Jericho or CM Punk would help elevate me." The possibility of such a high-profile showdown will generate excitement among wrestling fans worldwide.

While we wait for official confirmation, it's clear that Rosser's dedication and hunger to wrestle against the best remain unabated, making the build-up to the Forbidden Door 2 event even more intriguing.