Jeff Jarrett Enthusiastic About AEW's Collision: 'Brand Is On Fire'


Jeff Jarrett Enthusiastic About AEW's Collision: 'Brand Is On Fire'

In a recent episode of his acclaimed podcast, Jeff Jarrett, the seasoned star and Director of Business Development, unveiled his enthusiastic anticipation for the brand new show from All Elite Wrestling (AEW), "Collision." Highlighting the show's potential, Jarrett affirmed the brand's soaring status in the wrestling industry.

He ardently stated, "Collision is enormous. This is all about the television industry. Remarkably, we're looking at five hours of prime-time television in less than five years. It is unmistakable - the AEW brand is red-hot." Jarrett acknowledges the diversity among wrestling fans.

Some favor WWE, others AEW, with varying preferences and many controversies circling. Yet, he underlines the key point - Warner Brothers Discovery, with their vast programming menu consisting of hockey, basketball, and more, decided to allocate two more prime-time hours to wrestling.

Jarrett Lauds AEW's Exciting Development

Jarrett is convinced this decision says volumes about AEW and the wrestling industry, making it a thrilling time for all involved. He's immensely excited about the new show, calling it "pretty dang exciting." He further reasserts a previous claim that the wrestling industry is experiencing a fresh boom, a trend that brings him considerable excitement.

Addressing the various reactions to this news, he says, "There's an array of responses, from exuberance to skepticism about an oversaturation of wrestling content and debates over ratings and numbers. But, it's important to remember - the people at the helm of the industry are making these calls." Jarrett then touches on a recurring thought before joining AEW, commenting on the impressive roster.

He said, "They have at least 15 main event caliber talents - so much talent that it's challenging to accommodate them all in a two-hour show." He concludes, "What a time to be a part of AEW! The potential and opportunities before us are mind-boggling. I am thrilled for everyone involved. It's truly a significant moment."

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