Gallus Vows to Uphold WWE NXT Tag Team Championship Reign at Battleground


Gallus Vows to Uphold WWE NXT Tag Team Championship Reign at Battleground

In a highly anticipated showdown, the reigning champions of the WWE NXT tag team division, Gallus, are preparing to defend their coveted titles against the formidable challengers, The Creed Brothers, at the upcoming Battleground event.

The stage is set for an explosive clash that could alter the landscape of the NXT tag team division. The seeds of this championship match were sown during a recent episode of "NXT" when The Creed Brothers fearlessly confronted Gallus, directly challenging their reign as the top tag team in NXT.

Tensions escalated rapidly as both teams engaged in a chaotic brawl, with Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo valiantly entering the fray to even the odds, considering Gallus boasts three members. WWE officially confirmed This exhilarating encounter, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the clash between Mark Coffey and Wolfgang of Gallus and The Creed Brothers.

Stacks' Participation in Crucial Title Defense Remains Uncertain

While it's expected that Joe Coffey will be present at ringside to support his fellow Gallus members, the question remains whether Stacks will be in their corner to neutralize any potential numerical advantage.

Stacks' return during NXT's Stand And Deliver event played a pivotal role in helping Gallus retain their titles. Still, recent verbal jabs between him and Coffey have left uncertainty about his involvement in this crucial championship defense.

Gallus has reigned as the champions since their triumphant victory at Vengeance Day earlier this year, where they emerged victorious in a thrilling fatal four-way match, ending The New Day's remarkable title run. On the other hand, The Creed Brothers, who last held gold in September 2022 before losing the titles to Pretty Deadly, are eager to reclaim championship glory after their 92-day reign ended.

The stakes are high at Battleground, as Gallus battles to maintain their stranglehold on the NXT tag team division against the hungry Creed Brothers. With the potential absence of Stacks and the undeniable hunger of their challengers, Gallus faces one of their toughest tests yet.

Only time will tell whether they can emerge victorious and solidify their reign as the dominant force in the NXT tag team division or if The Creed Brothers will be the game-changers that dethrone the champions.

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