Rob Van Dam(RVD) Talks WWE Politics, Working with Jim Ross

Diving into wrestling's hidden politics, RVD shares intriguing insights.

by Noman Rasool
Rob Van Dam(RVD) Talks WWE Politics, Working with Jim Ross

WWE Hall of Famer and ECW legend Rob Van Dam (RVD) openly discussed his experiences of internal politics in WWE during the debut episode of his new podcast, "1 Of A Kind With RVD". The premiere episode saw him converse with host Dominic Deangelo, delving into various topics, including his relationship with renowned commentator Jim Ross, now AEW's play-by-play announcer.

RVD admitted to having a greater fondness for Ross in the present day than during their shared tenure in WWE. "I like him a lot more now than I did back then. I was caught up, I was caught up in political warfare, which I pushed back against very much," he said, reflecting on their complex past.

When probed further to shed light on the roots of his tumultuous rapport with Ross during his WWE stint, RVD unveiled an intriguing backstory. He inadvertently ensnared amid a power struggle between Ross and Paul Heyman, his former boss at ECW.

RVD: A Pawn in WWE Politics

Ross, a key figure in the WWE management, allegedly battled with Heyman over who would receive recognition for bringing RVD into the WWE universe. This contention led to a challenging dynamic, causing significant frustration for RVD.

"And, you know, he was part of the office. He and Paul Heyman were playing tug of war with me over who brought me in and who would get credit for it," RVD shared. He further explained the uncomfortable position he was put in, as both Ross and Heyman sought to discredit each other through their interactions with him.

"And it was frustrating to me because I would talk to one, and then I would happen to talk to the other one. And it was weird because they were like, you know, burying each other through me. And it was driving me up the wall," RVD admitted.

Lastly, RVD also revealed another facet of Ross's role - managing finances, suggesting another tension within their relationship. "But, also, he was the money guy," he added, hinting at the multiple layers of complexities he had to navigate during his WWE career.

Through such frank discussions, the "1 Of A Kind With RVD" podcast promises to reveal more behind-the-scenes WWE narratives.

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