Chelsea Green Reveals Pre-Royal Rumble WWE Signing


Chelsea Green Reveals Pre-Royal Rumble WWE Signing

Professional wrestler Chelsea Green officially returned to WWE's women's Royal Rumble match in 2023. However, she had been on WWE's payroll for several months before her on-screen comeback. Green made this surprising revelation during an insightful conversation with Ryan Satin on the podcast "Out of Character." According to Green, she was kept in suspense for months about the timing of her surprise return to the WWE universe.

"I spent months awaiting the perfect moment for my comeback," she shared. The Royal Rumble event, she felt, was the ideal scenario as the elements of the day conspired to create a memorable moment. "Those five seconds on-screen will forever etch my name in the WWE history annals.

I firmly believe that the Royal Rumble marked the perfect re-entry point for me," Green reminisced. When questioned if the WWE was strategically holding off her reintroduction, brainstorming for the exemplary character to suit her, Green agreed.

"I think it was a matter of finding the perfect opportunity for my character's reintroduction in a way that could stun the audience," she speculated. The idea was to surprise viewers with her Royal Rumble appearance and how it was done, keeping fans on their toes.

Chelsea Green's Anticipation Before Return

Green expressed that the initial month of waiting was quite enjoyable. She had time to manage her household chores while receiving a paycheck from WWE. During the second month, Green had established her character and ring attire and felt that the timing for her return was just right.

However, as the third month approached, a sense of restlessness kicked in as she began questioning her situation. In the grand scheme of things, Green made her much-anticipated appearance at the Royal Rumble, entering the match at position #20.

Albeit short-lived, her five-second performance set a new record for the fastest elimination. She is currently pairing up with Soyna Deville on "WWE Raw," as they collectively aim to clinch the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship.

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