Cody Rhodes Lauds WWE Star, Hails His Authentic, Brutal Style

Cody Rhodes reflects on recent WWE RAW match with Gable.

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes Lauds WWE Star, Hails His Authentic, Brutal Style

During the most recent airing of his renowned Grillin JR podcast, legendary professional wrestling commentator and Hall of Famer Jim Ross opened up about the upcoming All Elite Wrestling (AEW) program, 'AEW Collision.' With the broadcaster lineup for the new show still shrouded in secrecy, Ross expressed his curiosity and excitement while acknowledging his minimal insight into the program's planning.

"To be candid, I don't have a comprehensive understanding of the 'AEW Collision' setup," Ross admitted. "The selection of the broadcast team, for instance, is information that's been kept surprisingly confidential. It's all been quite hush-hush if you will." Recognizing the challenges of Saturday night television programming, Ross nonetheless expressed optimism for the show's potential to captivate audiences.

"Yes, it's generally a challenging slot for television, but that doesn't mean viewership is non-existent. Quite the contrary," he added. "If there's compelling content to be seen, audiences will tune in. I eagerly anticipate seeing how the roster shapes up."

Ross' Sacrifice for AEW Collision

In a testament to his unwavering commitment to professional wrestling, Ross confessed his hope to be involved with the broadcast of 'AEW Collision.'

Despite his fondness for enjoying college football on Saturday evenings, he expressed readiness to put aside his football enjoyment for the new professional assignment. "I'd relish the opportunity to be at the commentary table for this novel program," Ross confessed.

"Despite the potential conflict with my usual Saturday night football viewing, it's a sacrifice I'm prepared to make. In this era of streaming, it's not a deal-breaker. I could still keep up with the games, albeit not in real-time." In sum, Ross's excitement and enthusiasm for 'AEW Collision' is palpable, even though he admits to being in the dark about many of the show's specifics.

It will be fascinating to see if Ross gets his wish to become part of the broadcasting team and how this new chapter in AEW's story will unfold.

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