Hulk Hogan Reveals WrestleMania 39 Work Request by Shane McMahon.

In a surprising twist, Hulk Hogan teases a wrestling comeback.

by Noman Rasool
Hulk Hogan Reveals WrestleMania 39 Work Request by Shane McMahon.

In a stunning revelation that will undoubtedly set the wrestling world abuzz, the iconic Hulk Hogan has hinted that he might have one more match left. Hogan, who hasn't stepped into the wrestling ring for over a decade, made these remarks during his recent "The MMA Hour" appearance.

The legendary wrestler, who last fought in a six-man tag at a TNA house show more than ten years ago, has generally stayed away from wrestling circles. However, a lucky phone call from none other than Shane McMahon, a key figure in the wrestling world, has stirred the old warrior's spirit.

Hogan's Return: McMahon's Proposal

Hogan, who turns 69 this year, was quizzed whether he had ever contemplated an official retirement match. Responding to this, he revealed that McMahon had called him in January after coming across a Hogan display at the iconic Madison Square Garden.

Then, McMahon broached the possibility of Hogan stepping back into the ring. According to Hogan, Shane teasingly asked, "Hey, you got one more in you, old man?" In classic Hogan style, he retorted, "Take it easy with the old man stuff, brother ...

What do you want to do?" Shane replied, "All you got to do is stand in the middle of the ring, and I'll come to you."
Hogan didn't immediately commit, citing his back as a potential issue. However, he left the door open for the possibility, stating that it's something they could discuss in the future.

The wrestling legend admitted his longing for a retirement match, even though his mobility isn't what it used to be. "I have always wanted to have a retirement match ... I'm not moving around how I should be," Hogan confessed.

But Hogan is far from deterred, pledging to continue his training and rehabilitation. "I'm going to keep working, training, and doing rehab and see where I am about six months from now."
Hogan's advice rings true in an industry as unpredictable as professional wrestling: "All I've found out from the wrestling business, brother, is never say never." In a surprising twist, McMahon made an unexpected comeback at WrestleMania 39, albeit without Hogan, and engaged The Miz in a spontaneous match.

Regrettably, a severe quad tear forced McMahon to withdraw even before the match could officially start, illustrating the physical risks involved in the industry.

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