Stone Cold on Roman Reigns' 1000+ Day Reign as WWE Universal Champ


Stone Cold on Roman Reigns' 1000+ Day Reign as WWE Universal Champ

WWE's Hall of Fame icon, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, is no stranger to captivating storylines and holding onto winning streaks. As the current WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, celebrates a landmark achievement of holding the title for over 1,000 days this week, Austin commends WWE's decision of prolonging Reigns' championship status.

In his conversation with Jimmy Traina on the "SI Media" podcast this week, Austin expressed his admiration for Reigns' performance. "Roman's in exceptional form right now, performing exceptionally. The outcome of WrestleMania 39 was perfectly planned, and I thoroughly enjoyed it," Austin revealed.

He further explained how this amplified the audience's engagement towards Cody Rhodes, another rising star in the WWE Universe. Throughout Reigns' phenomenal journey, Austin believes, the star wrestler has shown extraordinary resilience and commitment.

"There's an indescribable uniqueness about Roman," Austin shared, indicating that WWE probably hadn't foreseen a 1,000-day reign for Reigns. However, Austin praised Reigns for his consistent efforts, saying, "This young talent has brilliantly orchestrated his reign."

Reigns' Growth Mirrors 'The Rock

Reflecting on Reigns' early struggles post the disbandment of The Shield in 2014, Austin acknowledged the lackluster scripts handed to Reigns that hindered his individual growth.

Austin likened this phase to that of Reigns' cousin, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's initial run in WWE during the 90s. Just like The Rock found his winning charisma, Reigns too seems to have found his footing. Three years ago, nobody would've anticipated such a monumental run for Reigns, but his tremendous growth and performance have proven otherwise.

"I'm certain WWE didn't plan a 1,000-day reign for him, but his consistent performance has been nothing short of incredible. He's grasped every nuance of his role, truly embodying the alpha state. The time is ripe, and the spotlight is all on Roman Reigns," Austin concluded.

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