WWE's Erick Rowan & Damian Sandow Surprise in 'I Think You Should Leave' Trailer


WWE's Erick Rowan & Damian Sandow Surprise in 'I Think You Should Leave' Trailer

On May 30, fans of the hit sketch show "I Think You Should Leave" will be thrilled as Tim Robinson returns with a highly anticipated third season on Netflix. The recently released trailer has already sent shockwaves through the entertainment world, as it reveals an exciting lineup of professional wrestlers making appearances in the upcoming season.

One notable moment in the trailer showcases the formidable presence of Erick Redbeard, formerly known as Erick Rowan, during his tenure in WWE, joining forces with J.R. Kratos, an accomplished independent wrestling star. Together, they are shown launching a surprise attack on Sam Richardson, with AEW's Ryan Nemeth lying nearby, caught in Redbeard's firm grip as he is choked with a toilet seat.

The intensity and unexpectedness of these wrestling personalities in the show's context promise an electrifying spectacle.

Wrestling Intrigue Intensifies: Sandow Confronts Robinson!

As the trailer progresses, viewers are treated to another wrestling-inspired scene, where Aron Stevens, better known as Damien Sandow from his time in WWE, menacingly confronts Tim Robinson.

At the same time, the latter sits in a car at a fast food drive-thru. Adding to the excitement, a mysterious figure executes an elbow drop through a table, leaving viewers intrigued about their identity. Including wrestling figures, build on the show's tradition of embracing wrestling culture.

This is exemplified by AEW's Brody King's appearance in a sketch during the previous season, famously demanding viewers to yield to the allure of calicocutpants.com. For J.R. Kratos, this appearance on "I Think You Should Leave" marks a significant milestone, as it serves as his television debut outside the realm of professional wrestling.

In contrast, Aron Stevens has been gradually exploring the world of acting, with recent appearances on the Peacock original series "A.P. Bio" and the Nate Boyer film "MVP." Erick Redbeard has also ventured into acting, making his presence felt on the Jeremy Renner-led show "Mayor of Kingstown." The star-studded trailer doesn't stop at wrestling personalities, as it also showcases the talents of former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Fred Armisen, the hilarious Connor O'Malley, and the beloved "Rushmore" star Jason Schwartzman.

Additionally, the trailer teases the return of beloved "I Think You Should Leave" regulars such as Biff Wiff and Tim Heidecker, ensuring a captivating blend of fresh faces and familiar favorites in the upcoming season. With its thrilling mix of sketch comedy and unexpected wrestling crossovers, the third season of "I Think You Should Leave" is an exhilarating rollercoaster ride of laughter, surprises, and gripping performances. Fans eagerly await May 30, when they can immerse themselves in the delightful chaos that awaits them on Netflix.

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