Taya Valkyrie Expresses Lack of Interest in Returning to WWE


Taya Valkyrie Expresses Lack of Interest in Returning to WWE

In 2021, the wrestling world was graced by the brief presence of Taya Valkyrie, a renowned athlete who joined the WWE under the name Franky Monet. However, after just half a dozen matches on the WWE NXT platform, Valkyrie found her WWE tenure abruptly ended due to budget cutbacks.

Despite her unexpected exit, Valkyrie recently disclosed she had little inclination to rejoin the WWE, even under the leadership of industry veteran Triple H. During her guest appearance on "Insight," Valkyrie openly discussed her perspective.

"Honestly, it didn't occupy much of my thoughts," she shared. "Of course, I know a few who've returned. Chelsea Green, for example, who's not only thriving but excelling. I'm truly proud of her. But as for me, I didn't dwell on it.

I believe that what's meant to be will be. However, I felt somewhat ambivalent about placing myself in a similar environment again. Looking back, I can confidently say things have worked out just fine."

Valkyrie's Journey to AEW Success

And indeed, they have.

Valkyrie now enjoys a secure contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Before making her triumphant debut at AEW in March, she maintained a consistent presence in the independent wrestling circuit, leaving her mark in Impact Wrestling, AAA, MLW, and NWA.

Her accolades include becoming the inaugural MLW World Women's Featherweight Champion and winning the Impact Knockouts World Tag Team title twice. In addition, Valkyrie is presently celebrating her fourth reign as the AAA Reina de Reinas champion.

Fast forward to today, and Valkyrie prepares to go head-to-head with Jade Cargill, the current holder of the TBS Championship, at the AEW Double or Nothing event this coming Sunday. If she emerges victorious, Valkyrie will end Cargill's historic reign, which stands at an astounding 500-plus undefeated days.

Given her achievements and her determination to ascend even higher in her profession, Valkyrie's career trajectory continues to captivate wrestling enthusiasts worldwide. Regardless of her experiences with WWE, her current focus is firmly set on her future, which promises many exciting possibilities in AEW and beyond.

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