Gable Steveson Anticipates WWE Debut; Keeps 2024 Olympics Option Open


Gable Steveson Anticipates WWE Debut; Keeps 2024 Olympics Option Open

Brock Lesnar, former Gophers national champion, continues to be a force in the WWE universe. Still, another University of Minnesota alumnus is set to bring his A-game to the sports entertainment industry. Two-time national champion and Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson is fervently gearing up for his anticipated WWE in-ring debut, enhancing the dynamics of wrestling entertainment with his unflinching ambition and athletic prowess.

"When I make my presence felt on TV, I want to live up to the expectations people have for me," Steveson shared in an exclusive interview with KSTP Sports Director Joe Schmit. "I want no room for doubting my capabilities, my potential." Though he graced the stage at Wrestlemania 38, Steveson is yet to take the center ring for a televised match.

The young athlete is diligently training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, diligently mastering the complex art of wrestling. "I'm getting the knack of executing everything perfectly – from my landing to understanding match psychology and everything else that comes with it.

I'm thriving in this environment, and I'm hopeful that my progress isn't going unnoticed," Steveson stated.

Gable Steveson: Innovating Amateur Wrestling

WWE is renowned for its charismatic showpeople, a trait not typically found in amateur wrestling.

However, Steveson has subtly altered that perspective with his iconic post-victory backflip, injecting a new level of excitement into the sport. "People haven't had a chance to see the full extent of my persona," Steveson explained.

"Amateur wrestling can often limit expressiveness, emphasizing discipline, but I'm excited to let my real persona shine in WWE." Even as his professional wrestling career looms promisingly, Steveson has yet to close the book on his amateur wrestling journey.

He recently dominated three matches at the U.S. Open Wrestling Championships in Las Vegas, further cementing his place in the wrestling world. He even contemplates possible participation in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, provided he secures WWE's consent.

"The WWE has supported my ambitions to compete in a few more tournaments," Steveson noted. "The Olympics is still a year away, but we're making significant strides towards potential participation. Only time will tell that story."

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