WWE Supports Superstars' External Projects, Talks on Seth Rollins


WWE Supports Superstars' External Projects, Talks on Seth Rollins

Amidst the whirlwind of recent reports concerning WWE World Heavyweight Title contender Seth Rollins, clarification has been called for. Information originally surfaced via @WRKDWrestling indicating a certain reluctance on the part of WWE to grant Rollins the World Heavyweight Title due to his absence from the previous two weeks of RAW.

His role in the upcoming blockbuster necessitated this absence, "Captain America: New World Order." The initial report was elaborated on, stating that the concerns were not immediately about Rollins but more about the future.

There has been speculation whether Rollins and his wife, fellow WWE superstar Becky Lynch, could potentially divert their career trajectories toward Hollywood. Despite this conjecture, WWE officials perceive Rollins as a luminary within the RAW brand.

WWE Executives Applaud Seth Rollins' Hollywood Foray

Recently, WWE higher-ups have firmly refuted the initial claims surrounding Rollins' situation, according to an update from Fightful Select. In their view, mainstream appearances such as Rollins' role in the Captain America movie are viewed positively, a perspective further bolstered by the involvement of Endeavor.

A WWE executive noted, "I won't disclose who is winning this weekend, but considering this anything other than beneficial is a misguided viewpoint. How previous leadership would have felt, I can't say, but presently, this is seen as a positive development, especially with Endeavor in the picture.

We weren't blindsided either; Rollins (also known as Colby Lopez) is a remarkable talent, and we anticipate such opportunities coming his way. We knew of his movie role beforehand, and he's already completed filming. His absence has been sufficiently covered with sit-down interviews, and we are proceeding at full throttle." Historically, WWE's stance on promoting the external endeavors of its superstars has been inconsistent at best.

However, the current trend suggests a shift towards increased support for such engagements in the future. This Sunday, Rollins is slated to confront AJ Styles for the new WWE World Heavyweight Title at WWE Night of Champions.

It's noteworthy that before the decision to maintain the titles' unity, Fightful's recent report disclosed WWE's consideration of Rollins entering WrestleMania 39 as a champion.

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