Kurt Angle Appreciates New WWE Heavyweight Title, Considers it Subordinate

As Night of Champions nears, new title dynamics emerge

by Noman Rasool
Kurt Angle Appreciates New WWE Heavyweight Title, Considers it Subordinate

With Night of Champions just around the corner on Saturday, anticipation is rife as we prepare for the crowning of the newest WWE World Heavyweight Champion. As the imminent showdown between Seth Rollins and A.J. Styles looms, a collective murmur is audible across the WWE fandom - the perception that the new championship is, in some way, secondary.

Echoing these sentiments this week was the WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle on his podcast "The Kurt Angle Show." Angle was forthcoming with his praise for the new belt, pointing out its fresh aesthetic. "I like it; it looks good," he remarked.

"It looks innovative and new; it's not old-fashioned. It's a new look." While it certainly has a novelty factor, a growing consensus sees the new belt as something less than primary - a consolation prize or a badge of participation.

Styles Questions New Championship's Primacy

Even Styles, who along with Rollins is vying for the title, was recently heard questioning the primary nature of the new championship. He posited, "Well, if Roman holds the 'Raw' Championship, the 'SmackDown' Championship is held by Roman, then how can you argue that it's not [secondary]?" Nonetheless, Styles also pitched the idea that he and Rollins, the imminent new champion, would act as the workhorse champion, bringing the title into their own.

Yet, Kurt Angle, while being a fan of Rollins and Styles, needs help with this perspective. For him, the perception of the title as secondary is inescapable. "Yeah, I mean, there's no way around not thinking that the title is secondary," Angle suggested, highlighting that there are already two world championships, and Roman Reigns shows no signs of relinquishing either.

Consequently, the "Raw" brand - the one Reigns isn't on - gets its title. Angle's admiration for Rollins and Styles is evident, but his viewpoint on the new title is unwavering. "It is; it's second. It is second. I'm sorry, but it is," he concluded, his words carrying a note of regret.

Thus, as we approach the Night of Champions, we're left to grapple with the excitement of a new champion and the perplexing question of the title's significance.

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