Nick Khan Reveals WWE Negotiations for 2024 Pay-Per-View Events in Global Cities


Nick Khan Reveals WWE Negotiations for 2024 Pay-Per-View Events in Global Cities

In a move signaling continued expansion into international markets, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has revealed its intentions to stage more Pay-Per-View Events (PLEs) overseas in 2024. The company's CEO, Nick Khan, announced at the JP Morgan Global Technology, Media & Communications Conference, confirming discussions are ongoing with various international cities to host the globally beloved wrestling spectacles.

"Our current focus involves dialogues with several international cities for the possibility of hosting our shows in 2024," Khan said. This signifies a strategic alignment with the company's aim to leverage its media rights and expand its reach to more global audiences.

"Ideally, we want these events to coincide with our media rights, aiming to over-deliver for our existing partners, who in turn can invite their local partners to the events. This strategy enhances our overall business footprint," Khan added.

Subsidies Driving WWE International Expansion

The comments emerged during a broader conversation about subsidies offered by countries to entice WWE shows, given the considerable revenue these events can generate. He used recent events held in Puerto Rico and the Dallas, Texas area as case studies to illustrate the financial windfall major WWE events can bring to host cities.

Although Khan did not specifically mention future host locations, industry chatter previously suggested Australia as a potential venue for an upcoming WWE PLE. While it remains unclear whether negotiations with Australia have advanced, WWE's international ambition suggests more concrete information could be forthcoming.

WWE has been steadily amplifying its major international shows over the past five years, with yearly events already taking place in Saudi Arabia. Last year saw the hosting of the "Clash at the Castle," and the much-anticipated "Money in the Bank" PLEs, both of which were hosted in the United Kingdom.

These shows have broadened the company's international presence, exciting fans and presenting new business opportunities. Given the recent successes of international WWE events and the company's expressed interest in further global expansion, fans worldwide should be on the alert for more announcements regarding the WWE's 2024 international calendar.

As the WWE continues to forge ahead, fans can expect a grander global spectacle as the company looks to conquer new cities and capture the hearts of international audiences.

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