Charly Arnolt Discusses Possible Upcoming Bout with Zelina Vega


Charly Arnolt Discusses Possible Upcoming Bout with Zelina Vega

Charly Arnolt, widely recognized for her broadcasting career with WWE, has interestingly hinted at her untapped potential in the wrestling ring during a recent interview. Despite her prominent tenure as a broadcaster, Arnolt confidently reveals her adeptness at combat, stemming from her training in Muay Thai during her college years.

Speaking with Jim Varsallone, Arnolt shared, "When I was in college, I undertook Muay Thai training. My interest wasn't specifically directed towards fighting, it was more about achieving a high level of fitness." She reminisced about a particular incident where she engaged in a fight and emerged victorious.

Naturally, this leads to a lingering question: why didn't the woman formerly known as Charly Caruso ever enter the WWE ring?

Arnolt Recalls Popular WWE Storyline

Delving into her WWE days, Arnolt revealed that there was an intriguing storyline involving herself, Zelina Vega, and Angel Garza.

"These segments were always fan favorites," Arnolt recalled. WWE backstage stalwarts, like Paul Heyman, provided plentiful feedback on these segments, indicating their significant popularity. "Fans were continually asking for more of these segments.

We always felt we were on the brink of a big climax, but never quite reached the payoff that would've made the storyline exceptional," Arnolt confessed. She further noted that this lack of a conclusive resolution was a recurring issue within the WWE narrative structure.

"There's a multitude of storylines that reach a 75% progression mark, but often fail to deliver that ultimate payoff fans eagerly anticipate," Arnolt explained. Arnolt fondly recalled Zelina Vega, the former Queen's Crown tournament winner, as a fun collaborator on WWE shows.

Interestingly, she expressed an ongoing willingness to perhaps step into the ring with Vega in the future, thereby resolving their unfinished storyline. Since parting ways with WWE in May of the previous year, Arnolt has ventured into different spheres, working with ESPN and most recently joining OutKick.

Despite her new endeavors, the spark for wrestling still seems to flicker within her, raising exciting possibilities for the future. Fans may yet see Arnolt trading her microphone for wrestling gear, providing a thrilling twist to her WWE narrative.

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