WWE in Talks for 2024 PLEs with International Cities, Confirms Nick Khan


WWE in Talks for 2024 PLEs with International Cities, Confirms Nick Khan

WWE CEO Nick Khan has revealed plans to further expand the company's live event schedule (PLEs) into international markets in 2024. Speaking at the JP Morgan Global Technology, Media & Communications Conference, Khan expressed ongoing discussions with various international cities to bring WWE shows to new audiences.

"We're currently engaged in conversations with numerous international cities regarding hosting shows in 2024," Khan stated. He further explained that part of the strategy involves aligning these events with WWE's media rights, thereby providing an opportunity for incumbent partners to invite their international counterparts to the shows, facilitating partnerships and enhancing the overall business.

WWE Explores International Subsidies: Boosting Global PLEs

Khan's remarks arose during a discussion on the subsidies offered by countries to WWE in exchange for hosting major events. Khan highlighted recent successful shows in Puerto Rico and the Dallas, Texas area, emphasizing the positive impact WWE events have on local economies.

Despite earlier speculation focusing on Australia as a potential host for an international WWE PLE, the current status of negotiations with the country remains undisclosed. This leaves fans in suspense, uncertain about the likelihood of witnessing WWE action down under.

Over the past five years, WWE has progressively expanded its presence in international markets, notably with multiple annual events in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, last year's Clash at the Castle and the upcoming Money in the Bank are set to take place in the United Kingdom.

These developments indicate WWE's commitment to catering to a global fan base. As WWE continues to explore new territories, fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating forthcoming announcements regarding the company's international schedule for 2024.

The expansion into international markets reflects WWE's dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive fan experience while tapping into new revenue streams and strengthening partnerships across the globe.

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