AJ Styles on Night of Champions, Rollins' Absence

Wrestling anticipation builds as Styles discusses upcoming WWE event.

by Noman Rasool
AJ Styles on Night of Champions, Rollins' Absence

Despite any preconceived odds, AJ Styles firmly posits that he is destined to emerge from the WWE Night of Champions event as the newly minted World Heavyweight Champion. On the eve of his much-anticipated title match against Seth Rollins, Styles—a stalwart affectionately known as the "Phenomenal One"—took to the podium at the press conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

"Tomorrow night, we will write a new page in wrestling history in Jeddah. And at the heart of that story will be AJ Styles, standing tall as the new World Heavyweight Champion," Styles projected, brimming with confidence.

Rollins' Absence Stirs Pre-Event Drama

His words reverberated powerfully in the packed room, but the echoes bounced back to reveal a conspicuous absence.

Seth Rollins, Styles' impending opponent, was nowhere to be found. Not one to miss an opportunity for drama, WWE commentator Michael Cole explained Rollins' absence. The star wrestler was on an international media tour, ostensibly promoting his involvement in the upcoming film "Captain America: New World Order." Cole assured the audience, however, that Rollins would soon arrive in Saudi Arabia for the premium live event.

"I bear no ill will towards Seth Rollins. We all know the allure of Hollywood stardom," Styles conceded. "Yet, my primary focus is to carve my legacy here in WWE, which starts by claiming the World Heavyweight Championship." As Styles wrapped up his comments, he painted a vivid picture of what the future holds should he emerge victorious.

"Imagine a future with AJ Styles as your World Heavyweight Champion. I promise you, and it will be nothing short of phenomenal." The impact of a potential victory for Styles extends beyond the personal milestone. According to Corey Graves, should Styles prevail at Night of Champions, he would transition from the "SmackDown" brand and officially join "Raw," the designated home for the revived World Heavyweight Championship.

This new scenario provides an intriguing plot twist for wrestling fans. It elevates the stakes for the WWE Night of Champions event, ensuring the fans are in for an exciting, unforgettable spectacle.

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