Bret Hart Inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame

Bret Hart's honor amplifies the spotlight on professional wrestling.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bret Hart Inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame

In a celebrated moment in the annals of professional wrestling, WWE luminary Bret "The Hitman" Hart was honored with a star on Canada's prestigious Walk of Fame today. Initially slated for induction in 2021, the honor had been postponed due to pandemic-related disruptions.

The ceremony witnessed the presence of other inductees, including Ajay Virmani, Graham Greene, and Gully Black, alongside the families of Frederick Banting, Charles Best, and Salome Bey. Adding glitz to the event, Hollywood star Keanu Reaves was also bestowed with the coveted sidewalk star during the Toronto-based event.

Upon receiving his star, Hart, a beloved figure in the WWE Hall of Fame, I articulated his pride and gratification at being an inspirational figure for Canadian wrestling fans. He expressed, "This moment, symbolizing my journey as a wrestling hero, a beacon of entertainment for Canadians, is profoundly special.

I take great pride in my career and being a Canadian and have propagated our nation's goodwill worldwide. I believe that my journey exemplifies that Canadians can be the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be."

Bret Hart Advocates for Wrestlers' Recognition

Despite being the inaugural professional wrestler to grace Canada's Walk of Fame, Hart hoped this would usher in more recognition for the wrestling fraternity.

Post-ceremony, he shared his views with Post Wrestling about the persistently under-recognized contributions of wrestlers as entertainers and athletes. "We never quite received the acknowledgment we deserved as actors or athletes.

And the reality is, we're both. We are captivating storytellers, proficient actors, exceptional athletes, and incredibly creative artists. My presence on the Walk of Fame should hopefully pave the way for deserving fellow wrestlers such as Edge and Trish Stratus to receive this honor.

The story of Canadian wrestling doesn't just start or end with Bret Hart," Hart conveyed poignantly. Bret Hart, an undeniable icon in the professional wrestling industry, continues to inspire countless WWE stars. His induction into Canada's Walk of Fame is a significant stride towards recognizing the substantial contributions of Canadian wrestlers.

The wrestling world now keenly watches whether this acknowledgment will herald more recognition for its deserving stars.

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