"WWE Fan Calls for Brock Lesnar Dismissal After In-ring Injury Incident on RAW


"WWE Fan Calls for Brock Lesnar Dismissal After In-ring Injury Incident on RAW

In the recent episode of WWE RAW, Brock Lesnar's surprising and violent act sparked outrage among the WWE fandom. Brock Lesnar, commonly called The Beast Incarnate, launched an unprovoked attack on Cody Rhodes, known as The American Nightmare.

This altercation severely injured Rhodes, causing one WWE fan to question Lesnar's position in the league. The episode unfolded with Cody Rhodes initiating the segment as he made his way backstage. Lesnar appeared unexpectedly and aggressively assaulted Rhodes, slamming his arm against a garage door and then inflicting further damage with the infamous Kimura Lock.

Triple H, trying to mediate the situation, offered Rhodes assistance, which was adamantly declined. Ultimately, Triple H chose to respect Rhodes' decision, offering a consolatory pat as both men prepared for the upcoming Night of Champions event in Saudi Arabia.

Fan Urges Lesnar's Termination

Following this event, a concerned wrestling fan took to Facebook, expressing the opinion that WWE official Adam Pearce should terminate Brock Lesnar's contract due to the perceived threat he poses to other wrestlers.

The fan fervently wrote, "Adam (Pearce), please eliminate Brock. He's a health danger to all of the wrestlers. Brock deserves jail." This incident was also addressed by WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, who suggested that Lesnar should begin promoting younger talents.

Lesnar had defeated Omos at WrestleMania 39 before pursuing Rhodes. Although initially appearing to want to team up with Rhodes against Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa, Lesnar attacked Cody before the bell could even ring. Despite Rhodes managing to counter the Kimura Lock during a previous match at Backlash, his injured state might pose a significant challenge in the Night of Champions face-off against Lesnar.

On The Kurt Angle Show, Angle predicts a future where Lesnar may start losing matches, stating, "I thought Brock was at the point in his career where he was going to start putting over another talent, but I think he might not be at that point...

There will be a day when Brock Lesnar will start losing here and there." Tomorrow night, Rhodes will enter the ring, injured yet determined, for his bout with Lesnar at WWE Night of Champions. All eyes will be on The American Nightmare to see if he can defeat the odds and conquer The Beast in this highly anticipated event.

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