WWE Crowned New World Heavyweight Champ


WWE Crowned New World Heavyweight Champ
WWE Crowned New World Heavyweight Champ

The Night of Champions WWE event kicked off on a high note as AJ Styles grappled with Seth Rollins for the coveted WWE World Heavyweight Champion title. The wrestling world was taken by storm when Triple H, WWE's executive vice president, proclaimed in the run-up to the 2023 WWE Draft that a fresh WWE World Heavyweight Champion would be chosen from the brand that failed to secure the reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

The tournament, unfolding in the bustling city of Jacksonville, Florida, showcased twelve dynamic wrestlers. Seth Rollins emerged victorious in the initial triple-threat match against Damian Priest and Shinsuke Nakamura, paving his way to the semi-finals.

Finn Balor, meanwhile, outmaneuvered Cody Rhodes and The Miz in another exciting match. By the conclusion of this thrilling event, Rollins secured his place in the grand finale at the Night of Champions.

SmackDown's Fierce Championship Battles

The SmackDown series of matches saw equally fierce competition.

Bobby Lashley emerged triumphant against Austin Theory and Sheamus, while AJ Styles outclassed his Hall of Fame rivals, Edge and Rey Mysterio. Styles ultimately managed to overthrow Lashley, securing his spot in the showdown set to take place in Saudi Arabia.

As Night of Champions commenced, Rollins and Styles started the event in their signature show-stopping style. The crowd inside the Jeddah Super Dome was on their feet, passionately singing along to Rollins' song. The crowd erupted again when Rollins put Styles down with a decisive Stomp, earning him the freshly minted title.

Triple H graciously handed over the new belt to Rollins, who now stands as the figurehead of Monday Night Raw. This victory has elevated Seth Rollins to a remarkable five-time world champion status within the company. He had already previously held the WWE Champion and Universal Champion titles twice. Rollins' win at Night of Champions marks yet another significant milestone in his illustrious wrestling career.

World Heavyweight Night Of Champions

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