Asuka dethrones Biance Belair, shatters title reign record at WWE Night of Champions


Asuka dethrones Biance Belair, shatters title reign record at WWE Night of Champions
Asuka dethrones Biance Belair, shatters title reign record at WWE Night of Champions

Bianca Belair's historic title reign came to a shocking end at WWE Night of Champions 2023, held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, after an impressive 420-day reign as champion. In her third attempt to capture the coveted title, the formidable Asuka emerged victorious over "The EST," employing underhanded tactics.

The recent rivalry between Asuka and Belair has revolved around the mysterious mist associated with Asuka. While she could not spray Belair with the mist directly, she resorted to rubbing it into her opponent's eyes, leaving the champion momentarily blinded before sealing the victory with two devastating kicks to the head.

Since returning to the ring with a revamped image and fresh entrance music at the Royal Rumble earlier this year, Asuka had been showing signs of her former dominance, poised for a triumphant comeback. Although she fell short of winning the Women's Royal Rumble Match that night, Asuka found herself challenging Bianca Belair for the "Raw" Women's Championship at WrestleMania 39, only to succumb to the record-breaking champion on the second night of the spectacular event.

Since that title opportunity, Asuka has evolved into a more ruthless persona, turning heel and initiating a relentless pursuit of her adversary, culminating in their clash on "WWE SmackDown" following the recent WWE Draft.

Asuka's Triumphant Third Reign

Asuka now adds a remarkable third reign as "Raw" women's champion to her illustrious career, elevating her to the ranks of the third most decorated champion in the title's history, sharing the record for total reigns with Alexa Bliss.

She trails behind the indomitable Charlotte Flair, who boasts an impressive six reigns, and the former Sasha Banks, who held the title five times. Moreover, this historic victory signifies the conclusion of the longest women's championship reign on WWE's main roster in over 17 years, and it also marks the lengthiest singles title reign ever achieved by a Black wrestler in WWE history.

Before her latest triumph, Asuka's last singles championship reign ended two years ago when she surrendered the "Raw" women's title to Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 37. As the WWE Universe continues to digest this monumental upset, one can only anticipate the fierce battles and rivalries ahead for both Asuka and the women's division as they embark on a new chapter.

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