Brock Lesnar Triumphs Over Cody Rhodes at 2023 WWE Night of Champions

Wrestling giants clash in a thrilling WWE Night of Champions

by Noman Rasool
Brock Lesnar Triumphs Over Cody Rhodes at 2023 WWE Night of Champions

In an electrifying showdown at WWE Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia, the fierce Brock Lesnar avenged his previous loss by overpowering Cody Rhodes in an exciting rematch from their clash at Backlash. On Monday's Raw, Rhodes, still nursing an arm injury inflicted by Lesnar, aptly nicknamed "The Beast Incarnate," courageously stepped into the ring with his arm in a cast.

Rhodes weaponized his injury unexpectedly, momentarily giving him the advantage over Lesnar. The plot thickened when Lesnar skillfully trapped Rhodes, also known as "The American Nightmare," in a Kimura Lock. Displaying incredible fortitude, Rhodes managed to break free from the grip.

However, the tables turned again as Lesnar reapplied the formidable Kimura Lock, leading to Rhodes losing consciousness. This gripping saga between the two titans commenced on Raw after WrestleMania 39 when Lesnar cunningly betrayed Rhodes and launched a brutal assault on the 2023 men's Royal Rumble champion.

Rhodes had previously lost to the reigning WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, owing to interference from Solo Sikoa. Enraged, Rhodes threw down the gauntlet for a tag team showdown on Raw.

Lesnar's Surprise Betrayal of Rhodes

Intriguingly, Lesnar volunteered to be Rhodes's partner, citing their shared disdain for Reigns, an uncharacteristic move from "The Beast." However, before the match could commence, Lesnar ruthlessly attacked Rhodes with an F-5, smashing him through the announce table and onto the steel stairs.

This led to a vengeance-fueled contest at Backlash, where Rhodes triumphed by converting Lesnar's Kimura Lock into a winning pin combination. Adding insult to injury, Rhodes split Lesnar open during the match, leveraging this victory to bolster his claim that he could topple "The Beast" again.

When Lesnar interfered in Rhodes's quest for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, a rematch was inevitably set. Despite the palpable danger, the undeterred American Nightmare accepted Lesnar's challenge at Night of Champions.

Rhodes expressed his determination to conquer Lesnar, a crucial stepping stone in his quest to take on Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship once more. However, Lesnar had different plans, and Saturday's outcome hinted at a possible deciding match between the two wrestling powerhouses looming on the horizon.

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