The Bloodline causes upheaval at WWE Night of Champions.


The Bloodline causes upheaval at WWE Night of Champions.

In a dramatic turn of events that marked Roman Reigns' 1,000th day as Universal Champion, the famed wrestling faction, The Bloodline, underwent an unexpected implosion spurred on by Jimmy Uso. This culminated in a long-standing storyline that has captivated WWE audiences for a considerable time.

The reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, has been in a relentless rivalry with Sami Zayn for most of the past year. The rising tension reached its boiling point at the 2023 Royal Rumble. Tired of Reigns' incessant egocentric demeanor, Zayn savagely thrust a chair into Reigns' back, severing his association with The Bloodline.

Zayn's sincere attempts to dethrone Reigns at the Elimination Chamber were futile. However, he managed to rally Kevin Owens to his side, and together they shattered The Usos' monumental WWE Tag Team Championship reign at WrestleMania 39.

Reigns Reacts, Recruits Sikoa for Battle

The Usos' defeat dealt a substantial blow to The Bloodline. Reigns was notably discontented with his cousins' loss. As a result, he opted to recruit Solo Sikoa, and together, they launched an assault against Zayn and Owens for the WWE Tag Team Championship gold at Night of Champions.

In the heart of the match, Reigns accidentally incapacitated the referee, paving the way for The Usos to counter-attack Owens and Zayn. However, their overly zealous response backfired dramatically when they accidentally delivered a super kick to their kin, Solo Sikoa.

This blunder enraged Reigns, who then confronted his cousins. The mounting tension proved too much for Jimmy Uso, who retaliated with a couple of super kicks that took down Reigns, the man he once revered as The Tribal Chief.

In the aftermath, Jimmy left the ring with brother Jey in tow. This unexpected departure created an opening for Sami Zayn, who swiftly seized the opportunity. Zayn pinned Solo Sikoa, thereby retaining the WWE Tag Team Championship title.

The abrupt disintegration of The Bloodline signaled a stunning twist in the storyline, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the future developments in the saga of WWE Night of Champions.

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