D-Von Dudley Reflects on Reverend Persona


D-Von Dudley Reflects on Reverend Persona

In a recent conversation on "Insight With Chris Van Vilet," WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley opened up about his tenure as the Reverend D-Von character in the early 2000s. Despite criticisms from his long-term tag team partner, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von ardently defended the success of his Reverend persona, attributing it to victories over major WWE stars, most notably a win against Triple H in 2002.

D-Von recounted Bubba Ray Dudley's playful mockery, "Bubba often jokes, saying, 'We never discuss Reverend D-Von because the character didn't connect.' I staunchly refute that assertion. Look at my track record - victories over Randy Orton, John Cena, Val Venis, Mark Henry, and the most significant one, Triple H." D-Von emphasizes that Triple H's willingness to lose to him during that period was a testament to the character's popularity.

He stated that if the now WWE Executive Vice President didn't believe in the Reverend D-Von's nature, there was no way he would have agreed to be defeated.

Triple H's Power: D-Von's Perspective

D-Von added, "At that time, Triple H had immense power and influence in the company.

I'm not suggesting he has less now, but back then, he was newly wedded to Stephanie McMahon and firmly in Vince McMahon's inner circle. They shared a strong bond and mutual respect, not involved in any power struggle." "If Triple H had any reservations about the storyline or my character," D-Von continued, "he would have refused outright.

He could easily have said, 'I'll triumph over D-Von, but I won't allow him to win against me.' " In essence, D-Von credits his victory over Triple H as the ultimate validation of the Reverend character's appeal to fans. Despite his tag team partner's ribbing, D-Von firmly believes that his Reverend D-Von persona resonated with the WWE audience and holds his victories over some of WWE's biggest stars as evidence of his claim.

This belief, as supported by the surprising 2002 victory over Triple H, reveals the layers of strategy and negotiation that underpin the drama of professional wrestling.

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