Prichard reports Ross's anger at Austin over promo dialogue

Unveiling the intricacies behind a legendary wrestling feud.

by Noman Rasool
Prichard reports Ross's anger at Austin over promo dialogue

In professional wrestling, one crucial element that forms its core fabric is the vibrant art of verbal jousting, which often teeters on the line of controversy. The gladiatorial arena of the ring isn't just a place for an exhibition of sheer physical prowess in the form of powerful powerbombs and graceful dropkicks; it is equally a stage for sharp-witted trash talk.

One of the undisputed masters of this verbal art form has been "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, the legendary "Texas Rattlesnake." However, in his usually calm style, even Austin once overstepped the mark with his close friend and esteemed announcer, Jim Ross.

On the wrestling podcast "Something to Wrestle," Bruce Prichard, a figure deeply woven into the tapestry of wrestling history, shared a surprising tale. He described how "Good Ol' JR," a stalwart in the wrestling community with a reputation for thick skin, was profoundly stung by Austin's derogatory term "hillbilly boy" during a promo segment.

Prichard revealed that Ross was not merely peeved; he remained genuinely upset about this incident for a considerable period.

Ross Angered by Austin's Improvisation

"Jim was irate about being referred to as 'hillbilly boy,' a nickname he felt was demeaning," shared Prichard, known for his exuberant podcasting persona.

"Austin had ad-libbed the line during his transition to a villain character, and it irked Ross. JR thought someone had fed Austin the line, but in reality, it was pure Austin's improvisation." Through his Hall of Fame-worthy career, Austin has been known to hurl colorful language at his adversaries.

The "hillbilly boy" epithet seems mild for the usually rambunctious "Bionic Redneck." Still, the phrase managed to sour his relationship with Ross momentarily. Prichard speculated that Ross might have suspected a backstage prank orchestrated by someone like Vince McMahon, notorious for his mischievous ribs.

But this wasn't one of those times; Austin's quip caused the stir. Given their long-standing friendship, one can hope that Austin extended his apologies to Ross once the dust had settled and they had stepped away from the glaring lights and roaring crowds back into the privacy of their camaraderie.