Zelina Vega Shares Insight on Her WWE Partnership with Santos Escobar

A paradigm shift for Zelina Vega in WWE's LWO.

by Noman Rasool
Zelina Vega Shares Insight on Her WWE Partnership with Santos Escobar

The wrestling world has witnessed many compelling alliances, with one of the recent successful partnerships being between Zelina Vega and Santos Escobar in WWE. Their association has drawn considerable attention and popularity, but Vega confessed that she initially had reservations.

She aired her uncertainties during an interview with "Wrestling With Freddie," sharing her initial perception of Escobar as a formidable wrestler and orator who seemed not to need a companion. Speaking of her initial reactions to the proposed partnership, Vega stated, "The way it was explained to me was, 'Well, the group is new to the main roster, and you're very known by the "SmackDown" audience and by putting him with you people go, 'Oh what is this about, we already know her to be a heel manager, we know her to be the heel wrestler.

If she's introducing them, then that's what they're about.' " According to Vega, the strategy was designed to leverage her recognition among the "SmackDown" audience to ease the group's transition to the main roster, piquing fan interest.

The dynamic within the faction has witnessed significant transformations since its transition from Legado Del Fantasma to the LWO, particularly with the addition of the legendary Rey Mysterio. This change signified a pivotal shift for the group as they evolved from heels to baby faces or heroes.

Vega's Transformed Role within LWO

As the first female member of the LWO, Vega's role underwent a subtle shift. No longer was she just the one controlling the group; instead, she became an integral part of the wrestling team, demonstrating equality among the members.

Reflecting on this, Vega said, "It's evolved so much since now, being with Rey, and first of all, what the hell, eight-year-old Thea is like, 'What is life,' but now having Rey on our side and having LWO be a thing again it's crazy." Indeed, this transformation from a manager to a fellow wrestler within a team has turned a new leaf in Vega's career.

She expressed her thrill and disbelief, noting how surreal it felt for her younger self to be wrestling alongside icons like Rey Mysterio and reinvigorating the LWO. Vega's journey has taken an exciting turn with this evolved team structure, offering an intriguing narrative for WWE fans to follow.

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