Ex-WWE Champion Praises Revitalized Intimacy after Remarrying Longtime Spouse


Ex-WWE Champion Praises Revitalized Intimacy after Remarrying Longtime Spouse
Ex-WWE Champion Praises Revitalized Intimacy after Remarrying Longtime Spouse

WWE Hall of Famer and former Champion Kurt Angle recently shared intimate details about his personal life, highlighting the rejuvenation of his marital bond with his wife Giovanna after a vow renewal ceremony. Kurt Angle's first marriage with Karen Angle (now Karen Jarrett) ended in divorce back in September 2008.

It wasn't until four years later that Kurt found love again and married Giovanna Yannotti. Together, the couple have raised three children, one of whom is adopted. Taking to his official Twitter handle, Angle glimpsed the recent private vow renewal ceremony.

The wrestling icon and his wife decided to "start over" in the presence of their kids and in-laws, a moment Angle expressed was both heartwarming and revitalizing.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle Fresh Start Post-Divorce

The former WWE Champion took the opportunity to reflect on his journey post-divorce on The Kurt Angle Show podcast.

Angle discussed their hardships, living in a modest home where his three children had to share a single bedroom. He spoke candidly about their recent move to a new house and the symbolic significance of the vow renewal that coincided with this fresh start.

Asserting his desire to "reset" his marital relationship, Angle humorously shared, "I'm gonna remarry her, and I'm gonna see if she says yes, and she did." Despite the small scale of the ceremony, Angle found the experience incredibly fulfilling.

Encouraging others contemplating a similar step, he endorsed vow renewals as a beautiful way to rekindle marital bonds. Taking a slightly cheeky turn, Angle confessed, "My s*x life hasn't been any better than this," indicating the ceremony's positive impact on their relationship as well.

In a touching reflection of their bond, Giovanna was present to support Angle during his final WWE match at WrestleMania 35 in 2019. Although he failed to defeat his opponent, Baron Corbin, that night, Angle's emotional journey and commitment to his family and professional life stand testament to his resilience, making him a true WWE legend.

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