The Bloodline Implodes at Night of Champions: Massive Name Teases WWE Comeback

Dramatic Betrayal at Night of Champions Shakes WWE Universe.

by Atia Mukhtar
The Bloodline Implodes at Night of Champions: Massive Name Teases WWE Comeback

The dramatic implosion of The Bloodline, orchestrated by Jimmy Uso at the 2023 Night of Champions Premium Live Event, has stirred rumors of a significant WWE return. Jimmy's father and a WWE legend, Rikishi, insinuated a potential return to the ring following his son's shocking betrayal of The Bloodline's leader, Roman Reigns.

In a high-stakes Undisputed WWE Tag Team title match, Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa, another member of the Uso clan, faced off against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. The intense bout concluded with an unforeseen twist. Jimmy Uso defected from his allegiance to Reigns, delivering crushing superkicks that led to Zayn and Owens retaining their coveted title belts.

Rikishi Teases Intervention Post-Bloodline Fallout

After this dramatic fallout, Rikishi took to social media, expressing his apparent disappointment over The Bloodline's disintegration. His intriguing Twitter post read: "And so it SHALL be DONE...

Enough..." This cryptic message, seen by many as an offer to reconcile the warring faction, has caused a flurry of speculation regarding Rikishi's return to WWE. Rikishi, absent from the WWE scene since he attended The Undertaker's retirement ceremony at Survivor Series 2020, has undeniably left a significant legacy.

His sons, The Usos, have etched their path in the WWE, emulating their father's success. Solo Sikoa, Rikishi's younger son, debuted at Clash at the Castle the previous year, swiftly establishing his prominence. Rikishi's concern over The Bloodline's strife and his potential involvement has gained traction amongst WWE followers.

Earlier this year, WWE legend Teddy Long stated that incorporating Rikishi into The Bloodline storyline could enhance the dynamic, saying, "Anybody that can straighten up their kid would be their dad... for Rikishi to step in with some law and order, I think that would be good." Given Jimmy Uso's stunning betrayal of The Tribal Chief, forgiveness from Reigns seems implausible.

Fans are eager to see how Rikishi might intervene and steer The Bloodline's destiny in such a tumultuous time. This saga, already rich with intense rivalry and family drama, is primed for a thrilling new chapter.

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