nWo Members Upset Over WWE Merchandise Issue

Wrestling world grapples with controversy over nWo branded merchandise.

by Atia Mukhtar
nWo Members Upset Over WWE Merchandise Issue

A simmering discontent has surfaced among several former New World Order (nWo) members, mainly concerning the recent WWE merchandise bearing the group's branding. This merchandise, prominently a t-shirt featuring the nWo Wolfpac logo, is reportedly the center of controversy due to a random WWE logo placement.

The issue initially came to light in mid-April when All Elite Wrestling's newly appointed Wrestling Administration Coordinator, Will Washington, tweeted a photograph of the contentious nWo Wolfpac logo t-shirt he had purchased.

Intriguingly, the t-shirt arrived with a red WWE logo beneath the prominent nWo logo. However, the official listing on the WWE Shop did not include this logo, a discrepancy that remains unresolved, as the WWE logo still needs to appear on the shirt listing as of now.

A recent report from the reputable wrestling news source, Fightful Select, brings to light the deeper aspects of this emerging issue. It suggests that the disgruntled group members' concerns extend beyond mere frustration.

In their view, the unexpected presence of the WWE logo not only dilutes the essence of the shirt but also threatens to eclipse the iconic status of the nWo itself. The members argue that the merchandise, originally intended as a homage to their influential group, is diminished by the WWE logo's unanticipated and conspicuous placement.

Fanatics Respond to nWo Dissatisfaction

The merchandise is managed by Fanatics, who were reportedly made aware of the group members' dissatisfaction. Though the report does not name the specific nWo members expressing their frustration, it suggests that removing the WWE logo from the t-shirt was contemplated.

However, it remains to be seen whether this change was ever implemented. An additional perusal of the Fanatics WWE Shop website indicates similar issues with other merchandise. A t-shirt showcasing the WWE Legends logo placed above WWE Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan, Sean Waltman, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall has the nWo logo below them, potentially igniting further controversy.

This shirt and Washington's tweet featuring the initial contentious shirt can be seen below. This mounting discontent among the former nWo members underscores a growing debate over the handling and representation of iconic wrestling brands in merchandise.