Sami Zayn's WWE Night of Champions Remarks Translation


Sami Zayn's WWE Night of Champions Remarks Translation

During the WWE Night of Champions main event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a unique moment took center stage as Sami Zayn, who hails from Syria, addressed the largely Arabic-speaking crowd in their native language. He and his tag team partner, Kevin Owens, were defending their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles against The Bloodline's duo, Roman Reigns, and Solo Sikoa.

Before the match commenced, WWE's resident "Wise Man," Paul Heyman, seized the mic for an exclusive introduction of Roman and Solo. In a captivating response, Zayn took the opportunity to present an introduction of his own.

Fluent in Arabic, he chose to speak to the Saudi Arabian crowd in their shared language, adding an unexpected and resonating element to the high-stakes event.

Zayn's Arabic Address Translated

Twitter user @naifsedge kindly provided a translation of Zayn's message.

He said, "Calm down. Calm down. Pray to the prophet. We're in an Arab country. We have an Arab champion. We're going to do this in Arabic. Introducing the prizefighter. (Now in English) Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn." Following the unique introduction, the main event was as chaotic and thrilling as any fan could hope.

The original referee was unexpectedly knocked down, escalating the ensuing madness. The Bloodline's allies, The Usos, attempted to intervene in the match to help Reigns and Sikoa secure the victory. However, their intervention backfired as Reigns became frustrated after The Usos' double superkick inadvertently hit Solo, their brother.

Shocking the crowd, a reprimanded Jimmy Uso retaliated by super kicking The Tribal Chief, Reigns, twice, eliciting an uproar from the stunned spectators. In the end, Sami Zayn secured the win for his team with a decisive Helluva Kick on Solo.

As a result, Zayn and Owens retained their status as Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. Simultaneously, Roman Reigns suffered a rare defeat, although Solo bore the brunt of the pinfall loss.

Sami Zayn Night Of Champions