Zelina Vega on WWE Decision to Pair Her with Santos Escobar


Zelina Vega on WWE Decision to Pair Her with Santos Escobar
Zelina Vega on WWE Decision to Pair Her with Santos Escobar

In an exciting development for WWE, the dynamic alliance between Zelina Vega and Santos Escobar has taken center stage, captivating fans worldwide. However, this pairing did not come without initial hesitations on Vega's part, which she revealed during her recent appearance on the "Wrestling With Freddie" podcast.

Vega confided that she initially wondered about the necessity of this partnership, considering Escobar's already established wrestling prowess and eloquence in the ring. To ease her uncertainties, WWE officials explained their strategic decision to pair her with the fledgling group: "The group is fresh on the main roster, and your popularity with the 'SmackDown' audience is significant.

By aligning him with you, fans would become intrigued and say, 'What is this all about? We already know Vega as a heel manager, a heel wrestler. If she's presenting them, it implies they're the same,'" Vega recalled.

Successful Transition: Vega's Evolving Role in LWO

The intention behind this pairing was to make the group's transition to the main roster more palatable for fans, using Vega's established presence as a facilitator.

This strategy seems to have paid off, and Vega's role within the faction has evolved significantly since their metamorphosis from Legado Del Fantasma to the LWO, especially with the addition of Rey Mysterio. Interestingly, the group has now taken a babyface turn.

Vega has made history as the first woman member of the LWO and no longer solely holds the reins of the faction. Instead, she is now featured more as an equal among her teammates. The transformation has been awe-inspiring for Vega.

Reflecting on the evolution, she said, "It's evolved so much now, being with Rey, which is surreal. The eight-year-old inside me is still questioning the reality of it all. But having Rey on our side and the revival of the LWO, it's incredible." She concluded with a forward-looking statement: "Now, it's about us as wrestlers forming a cohesive team, not me managing wrestlers." Vega's sentiments indicate an exciting future for the WWE and the LWO.

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