Drew McIntyre and WWE Stars Shine in Night of Champions Video Highlights

Fans left curious as Drew McIntyre's video package intrigues.

by Atia Mukhtar
Drew McIntyre and WWE Stars Shine in Night of Champions Video Highlights

Drew McIntyre, the Scottish powerhouse of WWE, may not have had a match at the electrifying Night of Champions event. Still, fans were treated to a tantalizing glimpse of him during the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia broadcast. Following the exciting live event, Peacock, the streaming platform, showcased a series of captivating video packages featuring some of the most beloved WWE Superstars.

Among them were Roman Reigns, the reigning WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion, and Rhea Ripley, the fierce Smackdown Women's Champion. Notably, McIntyre was also included in this lineup, which has sparked speculation about his future within the company.

While these video packages often serve as filler content between broadcasts, McIntyre's presence is particularly significant due to ongoing discussions surrounding his tenure in WWE. Despite being drafted to the "WWE Raw" brand during the 2023 WWE Draft, he has not stepped into the ring since his great Intercontinental Championship triple threat match at WrestleMania, where he faced off against GUNTHER and Sheamus.

Since then, the enigmatic McIntyre has been absent from WWE programming. During his time away, he has grappled with persistent injuries and personal loss, but rumors of creative differences between him and the organization have also emerged.

Speculation has grown, suggesting a "good chance" that the two-time WWE Champion may part ways with the company once his contract expires.

Drew McIntyre's Night of Champions Video Sparks Speculation

Considering these circumstances, including McIntyre's video package in the Night of Champions broadcast raises intriguing questions.

While it is possible that this was merely a coincidental selection, it remains one of the few instances where he has been seen on WWE TV since the grandeur of WrestleMania. As discussions regarding his contract and future continue, loyal fans of "The Chosen One" can only fervently hope that this recent appearance signifies an ongoing partnership between McIntyre and WWE rather than serving as a farewell tribute.

As the curtain falls on Night of Champions, the WWE Universe remains on edge, eagerly awaiting updates on Drew McIntyre's next chapter. Will he reclaim his position at the forefront of WWE's marquee events or embark on a new adventure outside the wrestling juggernaut? Only time will tell, but his undying legion of supporters remains steadfast, eagerly cheering for the triumphs that lie ahead for this indomitable warrior.

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