Jinder Mahal Speaks About Working With Indus Sheer


Jinder Mahal Speaks About Working With Indus Sheer
Jinder Mahal Speaks About Working With Indus Sheer

Jinder Mahal is a well-known WWE wrestler who was at one time one of WWE’s top stars. However, many people criticized the WWE in the past for pushing him to the top of the company. According to many fans and critics, he could not justify the push.

His wrestling skills were simply not as good as his peers. He appears on WWE TV from time to time, but is no longer a main even talent. He is still one of only wrestlers with an Indian origin in the WWE. The WWE used him in the past to penetrate the Indian market.

Jinder Mahal Speaks About his Return To WWE NXT on After The Bell

Jinder appeared on the After The Bell podcast recently. He spoke about his recent NXT run during his appearance. During his return to NXT, he defeated Julius Creed at New Year’s Evil 2023.

"It was incredible just being around that young energy again, young motivated superstars, said Mahal. "It inspired me. It pushed me in a way, just seeing these young people, they are full of hopes and dreams, and aspirations and everything.

"We kind of get a little bit grizzled, like Rugby, it does happen. I just felt invigorated being around Indus Sher, these two guys are megastars in my eyes. They can do everything like they have every aspect of the game down from look to persona.

Veer's explosive powerful moves and Sanga is just a mountain, just so powerful and calculated." He used the opportunity to express his desire. He wants the WWE to hold a Premium Live Event in New Delhi, India. WWE held a live event in New Delhi in 2017.

Jinder fought Triple H during that event. WWE held an event in honor of India in 2021. Mahal was part of a six-man tag team match during that event. It was called the WWE Superstar Spectable in 2021. Mahal competed on the 21st of March.

It was a WWE NXT episode. He took part in the WWE NXT North American Title Qualifying match. India is still an explored market. Wrestling fans exist there. However, the wrestling scene in India is still far behind the US. India has wrestling promotions, but the quality of their wrestling requires huge improvement to meet WWE standards. Probably that is the reason why we do not see a large number of wrestlers from India in the WWE.

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