Bruce Prichard Speaks About The Undertaker’s Loyalty


Bruce Prichard Speaks About The Undertaker’s Loyalty
Bruce Prichard Speaks About The Undertaker’s Loyalty

Bruce Prichard is a well known wrestling personality. He is still quite active in the industry. His podcast is very famous. He has worked with some of the best wrestlers of all time, including The Undertaker. Many fans and critics believe that The Undertaker is the greatest character in wrestling history.

The Undertaker had great wrestling ability as well, for a man of his size.

Bruce Prichard Talks About How The Undertaker Felt After Kevin and Scott Left WWE

Bruce spoke about The Undertaker on his podcast recently while talking about Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash joined WCW in 1996 and went on to form the NWO after Hulk Hogan also joined the company. This was during the Monday Night Wars. Kevin and Scott were top stars in the WWE at the time they left. The infamous Curtain Call took place just before they left, and many wrestling fans know the story behind that event.

Just like other WWE wrestlers, The Undertaker shared his perspective on the departure of Kevin and Scott. Kevin wrestled The Undertaker at WrestleMania 12, which was Kevin’s last WrestleMania event before he joined the WCW.

It was a semi-main event match. "I wish they would've stayed," Prichard explained, "I personally didn't talk to them... that was between them and Vince at that point." Bruce remembered that The Undertaker was quite upset after their departure from the WWE.

According to Bruce, The Undertaker believed the issues backstage could have been solved. "Taker didn't like it, Taker wished they would've stayed," Prichard recalled, "But then again, Mark had been there longer and Mark is loyal.

He wasn't looking to go anywhere, he felt Vince had done right by him, and he didn't want to leave." The Undertaker is known for being very loyal. Even The Undertaker had backstage issues in the past. However, he was well known for being able to resolve the issues.

"I think Mark felt, like a lot of us did, that anything can be worked out," Prichard speculated. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan returned to the company in 2001. This was during the build-up to WrestleMania X8. This was after the WWE successfully bought WCW.

The NWO was still a very popular faction at the time WCW went out of business. They were not very successful as a group after they joined the WWE.

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