Naomi's Shock at Jimmy Uso's Betrayal of Reigns at Night of Champions

Dramatic twists and family betrayal stun WWE Night of Champions.

by Atia Mukhtar
Naomi's Shock at Jimmy Uso's Betrayal of Reigns at Night of Champions

In a surprising twist at the WWE Night of Champions, former WWE superstar Naomi (Trinity Fatu) publicly responded to her husband Jimmy Uso's stunning betrayal of his cousin, Roman Reigns, in a controversial tag-team match.

Last night, fans eagerly watched as Reigns and Solo Sikoa took on Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in a battle for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships. Reigns, carrying the burden of The Usos' failure to claim victory at WrestleMania 39, sought to regain the championship title alongside Sikoa, sparking high anticipation among spectators.

Unexpected Uso Betrayal Shakes Reign

However, the match took an unexpected turn when The Usos intervened. Their Superkicks landed on Solo Sikoa in an unfortunate accident, triggering Reigns' fury. While Reigns was rebuking Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso seized the moment to unleash a Superkick on Reigns, taking down the head of The Bloodline.

A defiant Jimmy Uso issued a bold statement following the incident, asserting that he should have stood up to Reigns much earlier. The chaos allowed Sami Zayn to land a Helluva Kick on Solo Sikoa, retaining his team's Undisputed Tag Team Championships.

Naomi quickly turned to Instagram to share her reaction to the night's events. Alluding to her husband's actions, she warned The Bloodline to be prepared for what's to come. "Oh, it's a wrap when he gets like this. Count you all days," the former SmackDown Women's Champion posted in her story.

Naomi, who departed WWE with Sasha Banks last year, recently spoke about her intentions to retire with WWE. However, she embraced the unpredictability of the wrestling world, marking her re-entry into the ring under Impact Wrestling as Trinity.

Banks now performs in NJPW as Mercedes Moné. Speaking with Sports Illustrated's Justin Barrasso, Naomi reflected on her WWE journey and openness to new opportunities. "I had a great journey in WWE...I thought I would retire with WWE.

I never thought I'd be with another company, but that's the world of wrestling," she said. The unfolding drama within The Bloodline has piqued WWE fans' curiosity, leaving many waiting eagerly to see how Reigns will respond to Jimmy Uso's defiance at Night of Champions. The world of WWE continues to be a turbulent and thrilling spectacle.

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