Ex-WWE Star Open for Return, Joining LWO After 9 Years


Ex-WWE Star Open for Return, Joining LWO After 9 Years

Following his departure from WWE almost a decade ago, Ricardo Rodriguez, the former ring announcer for Alberto Del Rio, is indicating a desire to make his return to the iconic wrestling company. His preferred role? The ring announcer for the newly reformed Latino World Order (LWO), a group currently engaged in a heated rivalry against The Judgment Day.

LWO Revival Amidst WWE Changes

The WWE landscape has undergone notable changes since Ricardo's departure in 2014. The LWO was recently revived by Rey Mysterio, a 2023 Hall of Famer who even triumphed over his son, Dominik Mysterio, in the WrestleMania 39 showdown.

The climax of LWO's feud with The Judgment Day came at Backlash in Puerto Rico, where rapper Bad Bunny defeated Damian Priest in a Street Fight, with surprise appearances from Savio Vega, Carlito, and other LWO members. Ricardo Rodriguez's post-WWE.

Their career has taken him back to independent wrestling, including a brief stint as a Spanish commentator for All Elite Wrestling. He's now the proprietor of the Three Legacies Wrestling Academy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, continuing his commitment to the wrestling industry.

His recent Twitter interaction shows he's open to a WWE return. Responding to a fan who expressed a desire to see him back in the WWE fold, Ricardo responded enthusiastically, tweeting, "Would love to return to @WWE one day...

Maybe the LWO needs an announcer? Lol." During an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Ricardo shared insights into his WWE character. According to him, the persona was a heightened version of his natural personality, always aimed at spotlighting Alberto Del Rio.

He admitted, "Nobody told me what to do, what to say. Nobody told me how to act. The main focus was always Alberto... I was kind of just there... That Ricardo thing is me, but just turned up." As Rodriguez's personality shone through as a ring announcer, it added a unique flair to his role, making him a memorable character within the WWE universe.

With his openness for a return, fans are left wondering if a WWE comeback could be on the horizon. However, only time will confirm whether this fan-favorite announcer will reenter the WWE ring.