WWE Exec Criticizes Rhea Ripley's Gym Conduct, Ripley Retorts Flawlessly


WWE Exec Criticizes Rhea Ripley's Gym Conduct, Ripley Retorts Flawlessly

The reigning SmackDown Women's Champion, Rhea Ripley, recently engaged in an amusing Twitter banter with WWE official Adam Pearce about her gym etiquette, proving why she's a beloved figure in the wrestling world. After a triumphant victory over Natalya at the recent Night of Champions event held in Saudi Arabia, Ripley returned to the U.S.

along with her WWE cohorts. Her success in defending her title, overcoming Natalya in a bout that barely lasted a minute, only solidified her dominance in the ring. Despite the tiring journey, the dynamic 26-year-old champion returned to the gym.

She celebrated her workout session with a selfie that Pearce noticed. The WWE official called her out on Twitter for a seemingly minor oversight — neglecting to wipe down the elliptical machine post-workout. However, Ripley, known as The Nightmare, countered with a humorous jab at the five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Defending herself, Ripley cheekily retorted, "I did! You need to get your glasses cleaned coz you're still blind AF!" Pearce was taken aback by her quick-witted response, thanking Ripley for the reminder to schedule his next eye exam.

This playful exchange is an example of the camaraderie that exists between Pearce and Ripley, dating back to the early days of Ripley's career at the Performance Center, where Pearce served as a trainer.

Ripley's Next WWE Challenger Awaited

Meanwhile, speculations are rife about who might be the next WWE Superstar to challenge the indomitable Ripley.

Having breezed through her match against Natalya, Ripley seems poised for her next challenge. According to prior reports, the upcoming live event schedule hints at who's next in line. Ripley is slated to face Tegan Nox for the SmackDown Women's title while also being set to defend it against Natalya and Candice LeRae in a thrilling triple-threat match.

Nox, who has been grappling on the Main Event after being drafted back to WWE Raw, appears set for a substantial shot at victory soon. Concurrently, LeRae, despite her recent loss to Zoey Stark, could be gearing up for an intense showdown against Ripley, given a proper build-up.

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