WWE Legend Returns After 3 Years to Aid Jimmy Uso Against The Bloodline

Family Ties in Turmoil: Rikishi's WWE Return Imminent?

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Legend Returns After 3 Years to Aid Jimmy Uso Against The Bloodline

In an explosive turn of events at WWE Night of Champions, Jimmy Uso dramatically broke away from Roman Reigns. Signifying his defiance, he delivered two blistering superkicks to Reigns, making his departure from The Bloodline abundantly clear, as he retreated alongside his brother, Jey Uso.

This split has been simmering for some time, with Jey vocally encouraging Jimmy to sever ties with The Bloodline. His recent agreement with Jimmy's decision, however, may take a twist. Surprisingly, Jey could pivot to align with their other brother, Solo Sikoa, potentially leaving Jimmy outnumbered against Reigns and his allies.

Rikishi's Potential WWE Comeback?

In such a precarious scenario, Jimmy has options. He could call on his father, Rikishi, a prominent figure in the WWE universe and a keen observer of The Bloodline's evolving narrative. Rikishi has been tracking the unfolding saga closely, posting frequent Twitter updates.

His cryptic messages post-Jimmy's betrayal, such as "enough is enough" and "stay in your lane," seem to hint at a potential reentry into the WWE. Despite Rikishi's vested interest in The Bloodline - his three sons are integral to the storyline - he has been notably absent from WWE TV.

Originally slated to make a comeback on RAW earlier this year, the return was abruptly scrapped. Consequently, his last televised appearance remains etched in fans' memories as part of Undertaker's farewell at Survivor Series in 2020.

As a highly esteemed member of The Bloodline and a Hall of Famer, Rikishi's return could inject an intriguing dynamic into the narrative. His potential homecoming would undoubtedly be in defense of his son, particularly if Reigns intends to retaliate against Jimmy for his audacious actions at Night of Champions.

The electrifying possibilities continue to captivate fans, as they eagerly await the next episode in the tumultuous saga of The Bloodline.

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