Road Dogg's Key Role in Crafting InDex Storyline


Road Dogg's Key Role in Crafting InDex Storyline

Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell, better known as the captivating duo "InDex," recently embarked on a whirlwind journey in the world of WWE NXT. However, little did fans know that Brian "Road Dogg" James, WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events, played a pivotal role in shaping the engaging storyline that unfolded.

In a recent episode of his popular podcast, "Oh...You Didn't Know," James shed light on his involvement in developing the InDex angles, much to the delight of wrestling enthusiasts. Reflecting on the process, James expressed his enthusiasm, saying, " I believe it was fun.

And I remember the funniest parts were rehearsing what we would do that night on TV and creating it." The sheer joy of crafting the InDex narrative was evident in his words, highlighting the excitement and creativity that went into each segment.

Hartwell's Vital Contributions to InDex Success

While the recent reunion of "The Way" on NXT brought together Lumis, Hartwell, Johnny Gargano, and Candice LeRae, it was during the early days of InDex that James acknowledged Hartwell's incredible contribution.

Despite his heavy involvement in the process, James credited Hartwell for the success of their segments, emphasizing her ability to push boundaries and fully embrace the quirky nature of her character. "My fingerprints were very much on the rehearsals," James revealed, emphasizing Hartwell's comedic brilliance alongside Lumis' stoic presence.

On May 2, Hartwell bid farewell to the NXT Women's Championship, relinquishing her title ahead of her move to Raw. During her time as champion, the InDex storyline truly flourished, with Lumis' assistance leading to Hartwell's victory at Stand & Deliver.

Looking back on their journey, James expressed his deep admiration for the entire storyline, describing it as a labor of love. "I love that whole storyline," he proclaimed, emphasizing his fondness for both Lumis and Hartwell as individual performers.

The InDex storyline not only captivated fans with its unique blend of humor and romance but also showcased the creative prowess of Road Dogg James. As fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter of InDex's journey on Raw, they can reflect on the remarkable contribution of James in bringing this captivating storyline to life.

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