Shawn Michaels Lauds Sara Amato for Her Remarkable NXT Contributions


Shawn Michaels Lauds Sara Amato for Her Remarkable NXT Contributions

In a recent conference call, Shawn Michaels, known as the Heartbreak Kid, opened up about NXT's evolution, the robust system driving it, and the individuals contributing immensely behind the scenes. Notably, Michaels offered effusive praise for Sara Amato, also known as Sara Del Ray, hailing her as a pioneering force in the NXT women's division.

While addressing the state of NXT, Michaels stressed the importance of acknowledging the system's architects - the unseen heroes. Amato was high on his list of commendations, a woman he credits with redefining women's wrestling across NXT and the main roster.

He emphasized that the women's division's unprecedented success pivots on Amato's relentless dedication and pioneering efforts. Michaels articulated, "The women's division, in NXT and even on the main roster, is operating at an off-the-chart level.

When the final tally is taken, the lion's share of the credit should be attributed to Sara Amato. She's been the spearhead for the NXT women's division for an incredible time."

Amato: The Silent Force of NXT

Michaels was generous in his praise, applauding Amato for her work even while acknowledging that she prefers to maintain a low profile and might not appreciate his public acknowledgment.

Now a mother, Amato balances her personal life with a relentless dedication to NXT. She works tirelessly in the background, ensuring the NXT women's division remains top-tier while shying away from the spotlight. "Sara is so adept at remaining behind the scenes, insisting she prefers anonymity, she'll probably be irked at me for drawing attention to her," Michaels continued.

"Yet, I firmly believe that she's NXT's best-kept secret. Her work with the women who enter NXT's doors is awe-inspiring."
Michaels expressed the necessity of bringing Amato's commendable work to the forefront, ending with profound respect for her: "Recognition must be given where it's due.

Sara Amato is doing an extraordinary job here at NXT." In praising Amato, Michaels reminds us of the often unsung heroes that work relentlessly behind the scenes, contributing to the success and dynamism we see in the WWE today.

These individuals, like Amato, exemplify the commitment, passion, and innovation needed to elevate a brand to new heights.

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